If I buy a machine and take the training, what else will I need to start working once i get home?

If you are looking to do exactly what we do, aside from a decent computer (any computer made in the last 2 years and with 8GB of RAM will do), you will need a way to ventilate the fumes from the working area (our fume exhaust set-up costs roughly $140).

You will also need an assortment of sanders and sanding supplies (rough total $350).

Lastly, a decent small tabletop vise padded with some neoprene will be a great tool to have when trying to engrave odd / unstable objects.

Other than this, there really isnt anything else as Fiber lasers do NOT require water cooling, forced air nor use consumable parts.

What do i need to do to reserve a training spot?

To reserve a training week, we require a 50% deposit that is non refundable with balance due no later than 2 weeks prior to the start of training.

Please call Melissa at 210-843-8317 to reserve your training spot today as we are usually booked 3 months in advance.

Can I do Yeti/Rtic Cups

No, these are done with Co2 Lasers, the good news is these are cheap to buy and maintain (think roughly $2800 to get started) and we can train you on powdercoating and setting up and operating a Co2 Laser to produce Yeti / Rtic cups as well as wood products, acrylic, leather, glass and much more (contact us for details).

Is the machine portable? Can i take it to do events?

It is awkward to move but it can be transported / taken to gun or trade shows and will fit on a floorboard and front seat with some judicious planning.

Do keep in mind that depending on the environment and materials you will be engraving (polymers especially), ventilation / fumes may be an issue but we have done plenty of events and where there is a will, there is a way.

Can the machine do slide cuts / Mill work?

The short answer is No!.

Technically, if you let it run long enough, it could but there is a reason these are done with a mill and not a laser and while you can deep engrave designs into slides, and do NFA Deep Engravings in less than 5 minutes all day long, this is not the right tool to do these, nor would a 50W laser.

Do I "HAVE TO" take the training?

No, if you are already very familiar with the basic concepts of simple vector graphics and computer design, you do not, well, not the full training at least.

For those only needing to familiarize themselves with the laser setup and operation, we offer a 2 day class on the week end that goes over machine installation / setup and common settings.

This training will cover basic graphic Vectorization,  how to prepare graphics for engraving and how to physically engrave various materials (see training section on this site).