4 Things You Can Do With a CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

The CO2 laser engraving machine is famous for its great benefits and durability. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine War impact, the global market for CO2 Lasers, rated at $3.512 billion in 2022, is expected to reach as high as $4.228 billion by 2028, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.1%.

The typical CO2 Laser cutting machine can cut various materials, including wood, plastic, acrylic, leather, paper, organic and synthetic fabric, etc. However, you should not use it to cut metals or other reflective surfaces. Here’s a list of some CO2 laser engraver applications.

1. Woodworking industry

The CO2 laser engraving machine can be used for cutting wood of any kind, especially plywood and medium-density fiberboard (MDF).

2. Papermaking industry

Cutting and engraving on paper-based materials is also an area of CO2 laser cutter application. You can cut cardboard boxes and make decorations on paper and cardboard.

3. Engravings of Almost Any Kind

The CO2 laser machine can engrave and cut different materials, including leather goods, plates, textiles, etc. The CO2 laser does not cut metals but can also label or mark them.

4. Creation and Customization

The CO2 laser engraving machine can cut plastic, cardboard, or wooden displays. You can also use it to personalize belongings such as gadgets, pieces of jewelry, wine bottles, etc.

How to Get the Best Laser Cutting Machine Trainer in San Antonio

1. Consider your purpose for wanting a trainer

People have different reasons for buying a laser engraving machine and undergoing training to familiarize themselves with its usage. Some are into or about to start the laser engraving business, while others are much more interested in getting a hobby engraving machine for use at home.

Whichever one it is, San Antonio Laser vends different kinds of engraving machines, with training prices inclusive. You can purchase a laser without the training or pay for the training without buying a laser. Still, it is advisable to opt for the training with SA Laser as it comes with many benefits, including access to industry experts to help you get through the process.

2. Keep your budget in mind

Your budget is an important part of this conversation as it determines whether you can purchase a San Antonio CO2 laser machine made in the USA alongside paying for the training. The average San Antonio CO2 laser engraving machine and training price attached is about $17,900.

It would be best to opt for the training while purchasing the machine. San Antonio Laser offers a 5-day comprehensive hands-on CO2 training to help prepare you for your business. You also don’t have to worry about after-purchase support with this company.

3. Accessibility to technical support after training

Access to 24/7 technical support from your CO2 laser trainee is of the utmost importance. The CO2 laser engraving machine is a complicated technology; not everyone knows the appropriate maintenance and fixing measures.

Opting for a CO2 laser trainee in the USA or anywhere close to you would be best. For US-based engravers, San Antonio Laser is one of the best laser companies in the country, offering intensive training to enable you to kickstart your business as soon as your training ends.

4. How long will the training last

Knowing how long your training will last and what you should be able to achieve from it is a significant factor you should not ignore. It is expected that at the end of your training, you should be ready to hop on any CO2 laser engraving task that comes across you. 

San Antonio Laser’s CO2 training does that for you. The in-person 5-day intensive training course covers set-up, calibration, advanced laser techniques, and material samples so you can get some repetition on burning with the laser. With this training, you don’t have to wait months to start making money from engraving. 

The Bottom Line

Getting the best laser cutting trainer from San Antonio Laser company to get you through your learning process and show you everything you can do with a CO2 laser is as easy as pie. With the packages, this US-based laser company offers, you will surely get value for your money in just five days. 

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